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Frequently Asked Questions

What file format must I have my data In?

The system accepts both XLS and XLSX file types. We provide a sample XLS file for all members after sign up, simply copy and paste your data into it and upload accordingly.

How many entry records can I upload?

If you are uploading an XLS, you can enter approximately 65,000 records/rows. Otherwise an XLSX will allow approximately 400,000 records/rows. If you need to upload more than 400,000 records/rows, please email us at

Can I upload more than one list per competition?

No. All entrants must be uploaded to your competition in one file.

Can I change the list once It's uploaded to the system?

As long as you haven’t generated a winner, you can change the uploaded list. Once you generate the first winner, you can no longer upload or change the data.

Can I do multiple draws for a competition?

Yes. You can return to your competition and continue to draw winners from the same list. Winners from previous draws of that same list for the same competition will be removed from future draws so as to ensure no one wins multiple times.

Can you provide software approval documentation for our license application?

You can download the software approval letters for NSW and SA here or, from the main menu above.

Is the system approved in all Australian states?

DrawMyComp is approved in all states requiring specific approval for electronic draw software. Please check any trade promotion license applications for any required information and documentation.

Can you provide the documentation outlined in Section 3 of the South Australia permit application?

You are only required to mention the use of DrawMyComp and our relevant software approval number in your competition terms & conditions, and submit a copy of the software approval letter with your application (available to download here, or from the main menu above) . You do not need to attach the list of documents requested in the application form.

What is included in the Premium Membership?

Premium Membership includes 12 competition draws that can be used anytime within the 12 month membership period. Premium Memberships are perfect for companies or agencies running/managing between than 4 and 12 competitions per year for themselves or their clients.

What is included in the Corporate Membership?

Corporate Membership offers unlimited competition draws within the 12 month membership period. Corporate Memberships are perfect for companies or agencies running/managing more than 12 competitions per year for themselves or their clients.

Is it possible to test the system?

You can test whether the software accepts your data after you have signed up to DrawMyComp. Simply log in to your account and upload your competition data via the ‘Add a Competition’ feature. You can change the uploaded data as many times as you wish, as long as you don’t generate a winner. Once you generate the first winner, you can no longer upload or change the data. This will be deducted from the total number of draws available in your membership package.

How will I be notified of the winners?

You will receive a PDF report via email once the draw is complete. You will also be able to view winner details in your DrawMyComp account.

Are there other payment options other than credit card?

Pay Per Use Memberships must be paid by Credit Card. For Premium and Corporate Memberships you are able to pay for a 12 month membership in advance via direct payment to us, however, administration charges apply. Contact us at and we’ll issue you an invoice for payment.

What if I do not wish to continue with a Premium or Corporate Membership?

When you sign up for a Premium or Corporate Membership you are committing to a 12 month membership and are liable to complete this payment in full. If you have any doubts about your long term usage we recommend you use the Pay Per Use option.

How do I renew my membership?

We will email you renewal reminders as your membership expiry date approaches. When you log into your DrawMyComp account after the expiry date, you will be prompted to renew your account. You can select any of our membership types to suit your needs for the new membership period.

Can I upgrade my account?

Once your membership period has ended, you will be able to select any of our membership types to suit your needs for the duration of the new membership period. If you wish to upgrade your account before your current membership period ends, your new 12 month membership will begin from the day that you upgrade. You will not be able to downgrade your membership type until your current period expires. Feel free to contact us at if you have any queries about your current membership.